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Cryptocurrency Tax Investigations

Over the last couple of years, he has been receiving a rising number of cases from people who have invested in cryptocurrency, which has resulted in tax issues. Speaking exclusively to, tax barrister Patrick Cannon is sharing the top five ways you can invest in and sell cryptocurrency while avoiding the attention of HMRC. EARLIER this year, HMRC updated their guidance on the taxation of cryptocurrency in the UK. While not introducing many drastic changes, for many crypto lovers this was another sign of the tax body’s growing interest in the financial area. HMRC states that the GBP value of any tokens awarded at the time of receipt will be taxable as income with any reasonable expenses reducing the chargeable amount.

how to not pay tax on cryptocurrency uk

Any crypto received as employment income is considered money’s worth. Money’s worth is when something is of direct monetary value to the employee or something that can be converted into money. We maintain a mixed portfolio of clients ranging from start-ups to £50M. We also provide private client and tax planning services to companies and high net worth individuals. So the financial year you’ll be reporting on in 2022 is from the 6th of April 2020 to the 5th of April 2021. You need to report your taxes for this financial year by the 31st of January 2022.

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Also, as mentioned above, if you have made any losses on crypto transactions, you can offset them against any gains. When calculating paying taxes on crypto, don’t forget to take your Capital Gains Tax-Free Allowance into account. Here in the UK, your annual allowance is £12,300, so you only have to pay CGT if your gains are in excess of this sum.

how to not pay tax on cryptocurrency uk

HMRC must have reasonable grounds for suspecting that money held in an account is a) recoverable property , or b) is intended by any person for use in unlawful conduct. However, this would be contrary to HMRCs view and any such position taken should be disclosed accordingly with the potential for HMRC to query and / or challenge any remittance basis claim. Very responsive to any sort of has a very good online portal which makes things very clear to understand. I am with WIS from past 5 months and my experience is very good.definitely Recommend.

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Overall I am quite happy from WIS and highly recommend them. I have been using WIS Accountancy for the last couple of years and have always found them very professional and reliable. They have consistently provided me with a quality service from the day one, they know the crux of the financial matters and equally great in customer relationships.

how to not pay tax on cryptocurrency uk

You get all accountancy services at an affordable price. I would highly recommend my friends and colleague to opt for WIS. I use majority of WIS financial services for my company and personal.WIS always have Customer satisfaction as priority and not only owners but staff as well go extra miles to achieve it. Recently , WIS did help to thousands of businesses to claim government grant and proved that without getting anything back they are consistently working on helping customers. I did get lot of help for my business during the hard time. You have to report gains on cryptocurrency on your annual Self Assessment tax return, or you can use HMRC’s real-time Capital Gains Tax reporting service.

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Exchanging one type of cryptoasset for another is a disposal for UK capital gains tax purposes. To work out the gain, Felix needs to convert each US dollar amount into pounds sterling on the relevant date. You can use a website like to find out the rates on a given day.

how to not pay tax on cryptocurrency uk

Thanks to the team at WIS for handling my tax return and for their guidance, it is always very much appreciated. Providing goods and services in return for exchange tokens. If an employer pays you in tokens/crypto, you need to check if those tokens are classed as readily convertible assets . “If you’re an employee who has received crypto as part of your pay, make sure you are paying Income Tax and National Insurance on the value of that crypto,” Mr Cannon added. Workers who are paid in the form of cryptocurrency must also be aware of how HMRC will view their crypto payments.

The following costs are not allowable for CGT purposes:

Suneth’s personalised service and attention to detail is excellent. Apart from accountancy services, they also offer a range of other services like mortgages, will and trusts, investments and pensions etc. I have used their mortgage services in the past and Ifthikar helped me getting the best deal on the street how to not pay tax on cryptocurrency uk at the time. I highly recommend WIS to anyone looking for the whole range of services these guys offer. Disposal of crypto assets that are received as employment income is subject to capital gains tax. If you run your own business, any crypto income should be dealt with as being part of your trading profits.

So if you’ve made extra profit from crypto,donating crypto to a registered charity means you can either lower your CGT bill or you won’t be liable for capital gains tax altogether. If you have, or have had, cryptoassets then we recommend you contact either DWP or HMRC to confirm how any cryptoassets, income or gains are to be reported. Unlike interest, income from staking is not treated as savings income by HMRC. When you ‘stake’ your cryptoasset wealth, it is used to help make further transactions in that cryptocurrency in a similar way to mining. In general, gains on cryptoassets are calculated in the same way as gains on shares.

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